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What is Concert Square?

A place to connect music with many people
"We want to make music more accessible and enjoyable to more people on a daily basis."
Concert Square was born from this desire.
Concert Square is a classical music information site that connects performers and music lovers.

We provide information about more than 2,000 concerts each year.
All services are provided free of charge.

Our mission: Contribution to the world of classical music

Concert Square is committed to contributing to the advancement of the world of classical music.
We want to achieve the following aims:

1) Promoting classical music
This is our biggest goal. We will provide content that enables more people to enjoy classical music.

2) Supporting eggs of professional musicians
We will provide content that can support music college students and others who are aspiring to become professional musicians.

3) Supporting amateur groups and performers
We believe that the world of classical music is supported by these people. We will provide content that spread the ways they are genuinely enjoying music. At the same time, we will also provide content that gives people who have never played musical instruments a chance to experience it.

4) Connecting classical music lovers
We will provide content that attracts many music lovers to visit the site. We would like to serve as a place where performers and lovers can communicate with each other.