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 The "Tanabata Concert" will come to the Handa Sky Science Museum Planetarium again this year! Music related to the stars and the moon will be accompanied by a star guide, a quasi-star sommelier, to unravel the origins of the Tanabata legend. The music will be performed live by performers from Aichi and other prefectures. Please enjoy this special time of music and starry sky together.

Tanabata Concert
Sunday, July 21, 2024
Doors open 18:30
Concert begins 19:00
Concert to end at 20:30
Venue: Planetarium Hall, Handa Sky Science Museum

 Handa Sky Science Museum Planetarium is a planetarium equipped with a stage, which is rare in Aichi Prefecture. On this day, you will enjoy a performance while the starry sky is being projected. Seats are arranged facing the stage, so the further back you sit, the more easily you can see the starry sky, and the further forward, the more easily you can see the performance on the stage.

Performers (in alphabetical order)
Ruriko Amaki (clarinet)
AUNO Sae (saxophone)
Mayu Nishio, trumpet
Hakamada Miho (saxophone)
Eri Higashida, euphonium
Momoka Matsumura, Piano
Shoya Yumidate (Percussion)

Scheduled Performances
Hidetoshi Wabi / Seven Planets, So Invisible to the Eye - Suite based on an episode of "The Star Prince
G. Holst (arr. Hiroki Takahashi) / Jupiter from "The Planets" Suite
Hachidai Nakamura / Look Up at the Stars at Night
and others
(The contents are subject to change without notice.)

Admission Fee
General admission 2,500 yen
High school and university students 1,500 yen
3 years old to junior high school students 500 yen

 Tickets for this concert can be purchased at Piano Garden Matsuishi (TEL: 0569-26-3330), Matsuishi Music Store Co. If you wish to pay by credit card, PayPay, or convenience store payment, please purchase from Pass Market.

We look forward to seeing you at the concert!


  • Seven Planets, So Invisible - Suite from an episode of "The Prince of the Stars

    Hidetoshi Wabemi

  • Jupiter from "The Planets" Suite

    Gustav Holst.

  • Look up at the stars at night.

    Nakamura Hachioji

  • Moonlight Serenade

    Glenn Miller

the rest


  • Ruriko Amagi


  • euphasiid (any species in the family Euphausiacea)


  • Manyuu Nishio


  • Miho Hakamada


  • Eri Higashida


  • Momoka Matsumura


  • Shoya Yumitate


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