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Pacific Philharmonia Tokyo Symphony Wrap Unofficial

Uncharted territory where classical music and rap music challenge each other

2024/07/17(We.) 19:00 Starting

Suntory Hall Main HallTokyo


As the name suggests, "Symphonic Rap" is a groundbreaking concert in which "live classical music as it is is used as a backing track for the rappers to express themselves.

 Songs are selected from the classical archives, and rappers flow exciting "rhymes/lyrics" that connect with the present day, based on input from the composer's intentions and the period as well as the sound of the piece. The music is a counter-proposal to Beethoven's incorporation of Schiller's poem into the final movement of his Ninth Symphony and Debussy's use of Mallarmé's poem as a motif for many of his songs.

 Imagine an opera singer singing a solo concert with an orchestra in the background, and the singing part is replaced by a rap. Depending on the world view of the rhymes (poems), a mono-opera-like style of expression may be possible. Keitaro Harada, a world-renowned conductor with an established reputation in opera, will use his baton to bridge the two genres.

 Symphonic Rap" is an exciting musical site where classical music, which has no words, acquires a new resonance from the words of rappers according to the sense of the times.


  • Symphony No. 7 in A major, Op. 92, 2ndmovt.


  • From the movie "Akitsu Onsen" "Last scene, Death of Shinko

    forest light


  • Keitaro Harada


  • Kikuchi Naruyoshi


  • selfless (pious, righteous) man

    hereditary role of narrator in early imperial court

  • Lu Bu Karma


  • Reiko Yuyama


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