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Baroque Music Night

2024/06/06(Th.) 19:00 Starting

double hole (baseball)Fukuoka


Concert Outline
This concert is titled "An Evening of Baroque Music.
The program includes works by famous composers such as Bach and Handel, whose names everyone seems to know, along with pieces by Telemann, Purcell, Rameau, St. Martini, and others who are familiar to those who know a little Baroque music! The program includes pieces by composers such as Telemann, Purcell, Rameau, and San Martini, all of whom are familiar to anyone who knows a little baroque music. And there is even a composer named Scarani, whom the core fans of classical music may know....
What kind of concert is this?
First of all, it is a chance to hear works from many countries at once. We have works from England, Germany, France, Italy, and four other countries. Also, it covers a fairly long period of time, the Baroque era, from the 17th to the 18th century. (Although there is only one piece from the 17th century...)
This concert, which is both a "tour of the countries of Baroque music" and a "tour of the ages," may seem to be a rather miscellaneous and shallow concert, but thanks to the skill of the performers selected, it will be a concert with depth, taking into account the styles of each country and each age.
Bach, Handel, Telemann, etc., are the paths that all students of so-called "old instruments" must take. And the Jugong Boys, who specialize in French works, will be in charge of the bass line. The Jugong Boys, who specialize in French works, will play the bass, while Furuhashi, a recorder player who specializes in Italian works (especially those from the 17th century), will join the ensemble, so that the members can be expected to perform works from all countries with a deep knowledge of all kinds of music.
It is also important to note the participation of the members of Bongu, whose home base is in Kyushu. Some of the members of "Bongu" are not active mainly in ancient music. The aim of the event was probably to mix up the three members of the Dugong Boys (Yamamoto, Nemoto) and Furuhashi, who mainly play ancient music, by having them perform together. This could be said to be an important element of "education," which is one of the philosophies of Mr. Ueno (Chairman of Media Five), the organizer of the event, who plays the recorder.
Reading these various factors in depth, the hidden theme of the concert may be "enlightenment.
There is another aspect to this concert. It was the triumphal return to Fukuoka of Mr. Eriya Ueno, the chairman of Media Five, as a recorder player, and his debut concert.
This concert was a bit much for a one-night concert, but it was the entrance to the series. We look forward to more Media Five concerts in the future...


  • sports ground

    Henry Purcell

  • Prelude and Yale "The Blacksmith in Good Shape" from Suite No. 5 for Harpsichord

    Georg Friedrich Handel

  • Recorder Sonata in F minor, TWV 41:f1, 1st and 4th movements (from Faithful Music Master)

    Georg Philipp Telemann

  • Prelude Sarabande Gigue from Suite for Unaccompanied Cello No. 1

    Johann Sebastian Bach

Others (*Program is subject to change)


  • Junichi Furuhashi

    recorder (e.g. tape recorder, time recorder)

  • Eriya Ueno

    recorder (e.g. tape recorder, time recorder)

  • Yuko Takeshima

    baroque violin

  • Terumi Kurata

    baroque violin

  • Satoko Matsukuma

    baroque viola

  • Toru Yamamoto

    baroque cello

  • Takuya Nemoto


  • Kohei Ota


  • eri-p

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