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Osaka Medical Association Philharmonic 53rd Regular Concert

The 1864th Toyota Community Concert

2024/06/30(Su.) 14:00 Starting

The Symphony HallOsaka


This concert is the 1,864th of the "Toyota Community Concerts" held in cooperation with Toyota Motor Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "Toyota"), Toyota dealership groups and amateur orchestras in various regions. Since fiscal year 2021, which marks the 40th anniversary of the concert, Toyota has been working toward the realization of its mission of "mass production of happiness" by focusing on the SDGs through music in all its performances.
In these days of conflicts around the world, we wanted to convey through music the wonder of each culture and peace, not which ethnic group or region is superior, and we selected songs that can be enjoyed even by those who are not familiar with classical music, with emphasis on diversity. The ethnic songs all have memorable phrases.
Overture to "William Tell": Opera based on the folk hero of Swiss legend by an Italian composer.
Suite "The Masked Ball" by Armenian composer based on the tragedy of aristocratic society in Imperial Russia.
Dvorak Symphony No. 7: A symphony by the Czech composer commissioned by the Philharmonic Society of London.
Conductor Mitsunobu Takaya has been active in Ukraine for a long time and has been actively supporting Ukraine through music since immediately after the start of the Russian military invasion. Since Mr. Takatani has a deep knowledge of Slavic music, he will perform Dvorak Symphony No. 7, the main piece in particular, with the hope that the audience will be able to enjoy the richness of Slavic culture and music, and a world where music can be enjoyed with peace of mind.
The Osaka Medical Association Philharmonic has been working on the SDGs in the past, and will again provide a Braille program for the visually impaired, and will also invite elementary school children, including their families, who live in areas where there are many families in need.
At the concert, we are raising awareness and funds for the TSURUMI Children's Hospice. We would like to continue our public awareness and fundraising activities for the only facility in Japan that does not rely on public donations.


  • Overture to the Opera "William Tell

    Gioachino Rossini

  • Suite "Masked Ball

    Aram Khachaturian.

  • Symphony No. 7

    Antonin Dvorak.


  • Mitsunobu Takatani


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    The Symphony Ticket Center (06-6453-2333)

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