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Opera "Hansel and Gretel" directed by Hiroshi Aoshima, performed by K2 group

Keiko's dream

2024/08/30(Fr.) 13:00 Starting



Keiko (rehearsed by Kuroboshi) has been failing auditions for the opera "Hansel and Gretel," and this is her 40th audition, a critical moment.
She fails again this time because of her different personality from other candidates. She tries to commit suicide by taking a sleeping pill she brought with her, but the dosage is not lethal and she dreams that she is still unconscious.
This is "Hansel..." performed in the dream she is having.

The B.I. version offers a novel interpretation of this work, which is often easily staged because it was written for children, for audiences of all ages.
The story is about two brothers who become old men and transform into children after eating witch's cookies they made during a famine 90 years ago.
The story of how the witch became an evil person is told by her husband, the mountain father.
The father, who is supposed to play a minor role, is asked to sing a German Lieder.
Above all, the 14 angels, who are supposed to be a children's chorus and a ballet, will be replaced by powerful elderly singers and food preserved in a freezing immortality device, thus creating a completely new performance. The current structure will be the second to last two productions. We look forward to welcoming the whole family to this second-to-last performance under the current structure.

Composition, script, and direction: Hiroshi Aoshima
Conductor: Kento Takeuchi
Assistant Conductor/Music Director: Kozo Kobayashi
Staging/Dance Teacher: Midori Washida
Assistant Director & Doctor: Yuya Matsushima

Hansel: Naho Kashiwabara
Gretel: Mio Kashiwabara
Father: Hideki Hofuku
Mother: Kazuyo Mitsuyama
Witch: Yukiko Matsushita
Old Hansel: Etsuko Maezawa
Old Gretel: Tomoko Sueyoshi
Mountain Father: Takao Iimura

Black star practice: Keiko Akahoshi
Fourteen Angels
 Etsuko Akai Emiko Amari
 Arai Chie Ota Michiyo
 Etsuko Kuryu Sunao Suzuki
 Yoko Tamasu Yumiko Nishimura
 Miki Maeda Yoko Maeda
 Yoko Makino Michiko Yuri
 Naoko Yokouchi Kaori Yoshimura

Electronic Organ: Hiromi Akatsuka
Percussion: Ryo Takada
Piano: Kae Tokutomi, Yayoi Fujiwara

There will be three groups for this performance: K2, UM, and YO.
 <K2 group: Performance time
   8/30 13:00 (doors open at 12:15)
   8/31 16:00 (doors open at 15:15)
 <UM group performance time> 8/30 18:00
   Aug. 30 18:00 (doors open at 17:15)
   9/ 1 11:00 (doors open at 10:15)
 <YO group Performance time
   Aug. 31 11:00 (doors open at 10:15)
   9/ 1 16:00 (doors open at 15:15)


Hansel and Gretel

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    After submitting the form, the person in charge will contact you within a week by e-mail with the details.

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