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Tokyo Geidai Symphony Orchestra 69th Regular Concert Unofficial

The 423rd Geidai Regular

2024/06/06(Th.) 19:00 Starting

E6 5ARTokyo


This year's program features a collection of representative pieces of 20th century French music.
The Prelude to the Pastoral Afternoon" is not only Debussy's crowning achievement, but also marks the beginning of the modern French impressionist movement. Its sound, which seems to embody the very essence of pictorial shimmering light, had a great influence on later generations.
In contrast to Debussy's sensuous beauty, Ravel's "Couperin's Tomb," which made a splash in Paris a little later than Debussy, is characterized by a more intelligent sense.
The main piece was Dutilleux's "Symphony No. 1," which was born about half a century after Debussy, and what a novel choice! Although not often performed, it is a masterpiece that combines a solid classical structure and a modern sound with a sense of color that is unique to French music.
I can't wait to see how much passion Mr. Naji has put into this fascinating and difficult program, and how the young performers will respond to it.

Hidemi Sankai, Professor, Department of Instrumental Music, Faculty of Music


  • Prelude to Pastoral Afternoon

    Claude Debussy

  • Tomb of Coupland

    Maurice Ravel

  • Symphony No. 1



  • Jolt Naji.


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