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Classical Music Mystery Solving Mystery

Music Detective Bach's Case Files file6 "The Missing Pianist Genius

2024/06/01(Sa.) 15:00 Starting

Nishinomiya City Frente HallHyogo


Music Detective Bach" is an event that combines the charms of "mystery solving," "theater," and "concert," with the participation of the audience in solving the mystery. The event is a three-in-one event.

It is up to you to solve the riddles that emerge as the story progresses.
You will be challenged to solve the riddles using clues projected on the screen and handed out at hand.
In the latter half of the event, after the Bach detective gives you the answer, you will hear the great composer's masterpiece...! You may find yourself becoming more interested in the music that you "somehow knew" before!

Date and Time Saturday, June 1, 2024 (1) Concert begins at 3:00 p.m. Sunday, June 2, 2024 (2) Concert begins at 11:00 a.m. (3) Concert begins at 3:00 p.m.

 Venue: Nishinomiya City Frente Hall

â-¥2,000 for a single ticket, ¥2,500 for a pair ticket, ¥3,000 for a pair ticket (advance tickets only)
Pair tickets are for two people including an elementary school student.

 Scheduled performance
(It is a secret because it is related to the mystery of the story.)

 Performance Flow
Part 1 ▶A world-famous pianist has disappeared. Kidnapped or...?
Part 2 ▶Solve the mystery with your mind!
Part 2 ▶An answer by the Bach detective, and then the story reaches its climax.
Mini-concert ▶ Enjoy a piano performance in the aftermath of the story.

Seiji Hoshino, a world-renowned pianist, will hold a concert tonight. Moreover, it is the all-Chopin program that his fans have been waiting for.
Hoshino's old friend, music detective Bach, is supposed to meet him before the rehearsal for the first time in a long time.
However, when the time came, Hoshino did not show up at the concert hall.
His wife Kaori tells him that she has lost contact with him.
Disappeared...? Kidnapped...? Everyone is in an uproar.
All that remains is a mysterious e-mail from Seiji.
Where did the genius pianist really disappear to?
And why did he disappear?
The deadly chase by Bach, the music detective, begins now...!

Bring your pencils and erasers!

Script, Mystery Creation, Direction by Yasushi Miyaji

Yukihide Hirabayashi (Music Detective Bach)
Natsuko Jomura (Assistant Sebastian)

Organizer: Frente Hall, Nishinomiya City (Designated manager: Nippon Kanzai, Bunka Ritsunada, HA2B joint venture)
Co-sponsored by Nishinomiya City
Nishinomiya City Board of Education Ashiya City Board of Education


It's a secret because it relates to the mystery of the story (the theme of this year's event, playing Chopin's music!)

Admission and ticket purchase

  • Admission fee

    Single ticket / 2,000 yen, Day-of-performance ticket / 2,500 yen, Pair ticket / 3,000 yen (only sold in advance)
    Pair tickets are for two people including an elementary school student.

  • How to buy

    Frente Hall Official Store

    *Also available at the Frente Hall counter.


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