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The 27th Mercury Band Regular Concert

The 27th MERCURY BAND Regular Concert

2024/05/04(Sa.) 14:00 Starting

Utsunomiya City Cultural Hall, Main HallTochigi


Mercury Band is an amateur brass band based in Utsunomiya City.
The band's regular concerts are popular for their out-of-the-box performances that are enjoyable to listen to and watch, and each performance attracts about 1,000 people🎺🎶.

This year's concert featured the premiere of a brass band version of Baricheu's famous piece "Marina Lane"!
Every year there are a variety of programs that even those unfamiliar with brass band music can enjoy.
Admission is free, so please visit us at GW🌼🌼*.

⭐️ Hidetoshi Wabami: "Lane of Marina" - medium brass band (premiere)
⭐️ P.Spark: Weekend in New York
⭐️From the theme music of the wind band competition in 2024
⭐️ from Symphonic Suite "Oni-no-Kiri", etc.


  • Marina Path

    Hidetoshi Wabemi

  • Weekend in New York

    Philip Spark.

From the theme music for the 2024 All Japan Band Competition
from Symphonic Suite "Oni-no-Kiri no Kane", etc.

Admission and ticket purchase

  • Admission fee

    Admission free / All seats unreserved

  • Admission of a preschool child


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