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Summer Holiday Family Concert with Osaka Symphony Orchestra Unofficial

2024/07/28(Su.) 14:00 Starting

Nara Centennial Hall Main HallNara


A summer vacation family concert to enjoy with the Osaka Symphony Orchestra. Under the baton of conductor Yuki Takai, the concert will be hosted and sung by Kimika Yamaguchi and Satoshi Gei. The program includes a Doraemon medley and Elgar's "Dignified". This is a project that can be enjoyed by the whole family.


  • Doraemon Medley

    Yuzo Toyama

  • being majestic


  • Rhapsody for orchestra

    Yuzo Toyama


  • Yuuki Takai


  • Kimika Yamashii

    Moderator, Songs

  • Hajime Satoshi

    Moderator, Songs

  • Osaka Symphony Orchestra

    orchestral music

Admission and ticket purchase

  • Admission fee

    All seats reserved. All seats reserved. 500 yen more for day-of-performance tickets.

  • How to buy

    Official page:

  • Admission of a preschool child

    *Free admission for children under 3 years old per parent/guardian on their knees (however, there is a fee if a seat is required).

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