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Hungarian Budapest Symphony Orchestra Unofficial

Mario Kosik [conductor] KAMEI Seiya [piano]

2024/06/26(We.) 19:00 Starting

Yamagata Terrsa Terrsa HallYamagata


The Hungarian Budapest Symphony Orchestra was founded in 1945 by the Hungarian National Railways. It is a passionate and skilled orchestra that has traveled around the world delivering live music to heal the hearts of exhausted people after World War II. The orchestra is also notable for the lustrous piano of Seiya Kamei, a rising star who combines ability and popularity. What kind of magic will be created by the conductor Mario Kosik, who is highly acclaimed for his baton to bring out the charm and tone of the orchestra? We hope you will enjoy this heart-grabbing and passionate performance.


  • Les Preludes, S.97

    Franz Liszt

  • Piano Concerto No. 1

    Franz Liszt

  • Symphony No.2 in D major, Op.73

    Johannes Brahms


  • Mario Kosik


  • Seiya Kamei


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