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Rie Hiroe Organ Recital

Organ Symphony at its finest

2024/05/21(Tu.) 19:00 Starting

Musashino Civic Cultural Hall, Small HallTokyo


The "organ symphony" is the ultimate in the art of organ music that flourished in 19th century Paris. This genre, in which a single organist performs music comparable to that of a symphonic orchestra, began with César Franck's "Grand Symphonie" and reached its climax with Ch. M. Vidor and L. Vierne. The last symphonies by these two composers have in common a "cyclic form" in which the same theme appears in every movement in different forms and moods.
Vidor's Symphony No. 10 "Romanesque" was inspired by the Romanesque style of church architecture. The theme of the cycle, which runs through all the movements, is based on the Gregorian chant of Easter with a flowing melody reminiscent of the curving vaults of Romanesque architecture, and sings the great joy of the resurrection in high spirits. Vierne's Sixth Symphony's use of chromatic scales makes it somewhat difficult to understand, but the exuberantly festive final movement, which also makes full use of foot-keyboard virtuosity, brings the lengthy symphony to a close.
We hope you will enjoy this concert, where you can hear the masterpieces of the genius French symphonists (prolific symphony composers) in one evening.


  • Organ Symphony No.10 "Romanesque" op.73

    Ch.=M. Vidor

  • Organ Symphony No.6 op.59

    L. Vierne


  • Rie Hiroe

    organ (musical instrument)

Admission and ticket purchase

  • Admission fee

    *Students = elementary school to university students
    *Preschool children are not allowed to enter.

  • How to buy

    ◾️ Ticket Pia P code 263-625
    ◾️ e-plus
    ◾️ Tokyo Classical Musical Instruments Center 03-3952-5515
    ◾️ Musashino Shimin Bunka Kaikan 1F office window


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