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Kawagoe Sowa Soyukai Brass Band

The 46th Regular Concert

2024/06/02(Su.) 13:30 Starting

Westa Kawagoe Main HallSaitama


The Kawagoe Sowa Soyukai Symphonic Band has prepared another concert of its best!

The first part of the concert will be a performance of Japanese wind band works. We will perform "Sai wo Egaku Tori" from the work of Mr. Suguru Haga, who won the first prize and the audience prize at the 6th Coups de Vents International Symphonic Band Composition Competition, becoming the second Japanese ever to win both the first prize and the audience prize after Mr. Toshio Majima. Next, the orchestra will perform "Kaze ga Kirameku Toki (When the Wind Blazes)," composed by Mr. Noritaka Kondo, the No. II theme piece for the 2024 All Japan Wind Band Competition. Lastly, the band will perform "Jacob's Ladder over the Crescent Moon" composed by Toshio Mashima under the baton of Assistant Conductor, Mr. Hagiwara.

The second part will be a whopper! We are pleased to welcome Ms. Naohoko Togawa, a very famous soprano singer from Kawagoe, to perform Puccini's operas, 100 years after his death, in brass band and soprano harmony! The performance will feature excerpts from some of Puccini's most famous operas such as Gianni Schicchi, Madama Butterfly, and La bohème! The final performance will be a selection of the first three acts from the opera "Tosca", a work synonymous with opera and a drama of passionate love and cruel tragedy. The finale is a frenzied finale.

This superb program will be performed at Westa Kawagoe on Sunday, June 2!
Electronic tickets will be available today and paper tickets will be available next week. Half-price tickets for high school students and younger are available only with paper tickets!
If you know someone in the group, please purchase from a member of the group as much as possible. Our members will be happy to hear from you 😂.

Please see the flyer for more details!
We look forward to seeing you at the show!

Profile of Naohoko Togawa
Born in Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture
Graduated from Kunitachi College of Music and Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music
Based in Rome for 10 years since 2006, she starred in "Madame Butterfly" three times in Rome in 2010, which was reported in 11 newspapers to rave reviews.
Performed 5 times in concerts organized by the Italian Armed Forces.
In September 2015, her highlight performance of "Madama Butterfly" at the Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre had a full 2,000 seats.
Returned completely to Japan in the spring of 2016 and resides in Kawagoe City.


  • lesser cuckoo (Cuculus poliocephalus)

    Jie Haga

  • When the wind sparkles

    Reitaka Kondo

  • Jacob's Ladder over the Crescent Moon

    Toshio Mashima

  • From the opera Gianni Schicchi, My Father

    Giacomo Puccini

  • On a fine day from "Madame Butterfly" (Opera)

    Giacomo Puccini

  • Musetta's Waltz from the opera La bohème

    Giacomo Puccini

  • From "Tosca" Opera, Acts 1-3

    Giacomo Puccini


  • Masato Sato


  • Akihiko Hagiwara


  • Naohoko Togawa


  • Junko Mizuno



Admission and ticket purchase

  • Admission fee

    Electronic tickets (teket) and paper tickets are available.
    High school students and younger: paper tickets only (please present your student ID when purchasing).
    If you know someone who is a member of the group, please try to purchase tickets from a member of the group. ‼︎

    Date of sales start...
    Electronic tickets: April 6 (Sat.) -
    Paper tickets: April 13 (Sat.)

  • How to buy

    Electronic Tickets
    From teket
    General tickets only

    Paper tickets
    1. From our troupe members (If you know someone who would like to attend, please let them know!)
    2. Westa Kawagoe 1F General Information counter sales 9:00~19:00
    3. Winds Co.
    4. Atelier de Kukkizu
    Kawagoe City Yamabu Kaikan
    6. Kawagoe West Cultural Hall (Melt)
    7. Kawagoe Minami Cultural Hall (Joyful)


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