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Portrait of Ilyan Chan

Kuniko Kato Produce MUSIC DAY IN TOKYO

2024/05/25(Sa.) 19:00 Starting



Born and raised in Germany, Ilyan Chang is a unique composer with roots in Korea. He skillfully weaves in traditional Korean rhythms consisting of three-beat polyrhythms, which are not found in Japan, and creates a wonderful mixture of Western sophistication and Asian chaos. The world premiere of "BINARY GROOVE," a commissioned new work written for Kuniko Kato, the Japan premiere of "MOTION," a fusion of traditional Korean instruments (daegun, janggu) and the modern marimba, and a collaboration with Norio Sato on guitar are just a few examples of the energetic rhythms of Ilyan Chan's world at the luxurious live space KIWA Please enjoy the world of Ilyan Chan's energetic and rhythmic performances at the luxurious live space KIWA. After the show, enjoy a drink and chat with the artists.


Composed by Ilyan Chang:
BLACK BIRD CALLING- for guitar and degun [Japan premiere].
BINARY GROOVE - solo marimba [World premiere
MOTION - for marimba, daegun, and changg [Japan premiere
DAEGEUM SANJO - Korean Traditional

⚫︎ Performers
Norio Sato (guitar), Noriko Kato (marimba), Yu Hong (daegun), Woonsik Kim (janggu)

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    [Organized by: Non-profit organization "Arts and Culture Works
    [Grant] Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture, Arts Council Tokyo [Tokyo Live Stage Support Grant


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