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Chiba "Hajimete no orchestra ~Spring~ from 0 years old

~ Parents and children are invited to relax and enjoy live music. ~ (Japanese only)

2024/04/27(Sa.) 14:10 Starting

Chiba City Cultural Center, Studio IChiba


Performer:Salon Orchestra Japan
The Salon Orchestra Japan is composed of excellent performers selected by audition and has appeared on many TV programs. It is a popular group that performs 350 concerts a year throughout Japan.
The performance of Salon Orchestra Japan unfolds in front of your eyes, full of fun and power. Children listen with rapt attention, while their parents cheer.

Let's dance the waltz! corner, Polka Thunder and Lightning, Radetzky March, Hungarian Dances, and more. You can also play with toy musical instruments and try your hand at playing the violin!

Cushions and cushions are useful!
Seating will be in front seats and chairs in the back.
We will provide a certain number of seats and mats, but they may be thin or in limited supply.
Diaper-changing space, nursing space, stroller storage space

*The performers on the day of the event differ from those in the photo.
*The number of performers and program are subject to change.
*This concert will be filmed. Photos and videos may be posted on our website. Please understand.


  • Polka Thunder and Lightning

  • Radetzky March

  • Hungarian Dances


Admission and ticket purchase

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  • Admission of a preschool child


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