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Faure "Requiem

Kokubunji Junior Music Theater 20th Anniversary

2024/06/07(Fr.) 19:00 Starting

Tokorozawa Civic Cultural Center Muse ARC Hall (Main Hall)Saitama


This is the 20th anniversary concert of Kokubunji Junior Music Theatre, now in its 20th year since its inception.
Guests and friends will be invited to perform Faure's Requiem.

Performers: Yumiko Shoji (Conductor)
Tomoji Takada (Baritone solo)
Tetsuya Suga (organ)
Takako Shimo (Piano)
Kokubunji Junior Music Theater (children's chorus)
GOLNA Mixed Chorus (Mixed Chorus)

Program: G. Fauré
G. Faure: Requiem
C. Saint-Saens: Ave Maria
F. Poulenc: Chorus of the Black Mary
M. Duruflé: Prelude to the Entrance Chorus of the Feast of the Epiphany, Op.13
L. Vierne: Carillon, Op.31-21
J. Rheinberger: Five Hymns, Op.140


  • requiem

    G. Faure

  • Ave Maria (prayer)

    C. Saint-Saens

  • A series of black maria statues

    F. Poulenc

  • Prelude to the Entrance Chorus of the Feast of the Epiphany, Op.13

    M. Duruflé

  • Carillon, Op.31-21

    L. Vierne

  • Five Hymns, Op.140

    J. Rheinberger


  • Yumiko Shoji


  • Tomoji Takada

    baritone solo

  • Tetsuya Suga

    organ (musical instrument)

  • Takako Shimo


  • Kokubunji Junior Music Theater

    children's chorus

  • GOLNA Mixed Chorus

    mixed chorus

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