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Musical Instruments Day Do you have first-rate ears? Instrument Hearing Concert

2024/06/01(Sa.) 14:00 Starting

Kasumicho Music HallTokyo


This is a popular project on TV programs, where you can hear the difference between a very expensive instrument and an inexpensive one for beginners. Even if I cannot tell the difference in front of a TV set, I can tell the difference if I listen to the live sound in a hall. I am sure there are many people who think so. If so, we planned this event to give you a chance to actually try.
This time, after the quiz, you can enjoy a concert using the actual instruments that will appear on the stage.
The quiz is a quiz that can only be held by a music store, so it is possible to distinguish the sounds of first-rate instruments from each other. How different are the sounds emitted by first-rate instruments? We invite you to compare them with your own ears!

June 6 is also Musical Instruments Day. This day was established by the Japan Musical Instruments Association in 1970 in accordance with the old custom that "the first day of training for an art is June 6, when you are six years old. It is said that if you start on this day, you will make faster progress.
In advance of this Musical Instruments Day, we have planned an event in the hope that many people will become interested in musical instruments. We are happy if this event can be an opportunity for those who feel that regular classical concerts are too intimidating to attend to become interested in musical instruments and music, while participating in the event as if it were a game.


First half is a quiz on listening to flute, violin, and cello
Second half: Concert by flute, violin, cello and piano


  • Kuronuma Chihiro


  • Kagawa Sena


  • Kenta Tamekuni


  • Yumeka Kataoka


Admission and ticket purchase

  • Admission fee

    <Team Entry System
    Teams of 4 people are required to participate in the quiz.
    Entry is by 2 people or more.

  • How to buy

    On sale at Kasumicho Ongakudo website

  • Admission of a preschool child

    Please consult with us before entry.

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