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Ensemble Wizard

The 17th Regular Concert

2024/04/29(Mo.) 14:00 Starting

Togane Bunka Kaikan, Main HallChiba


Ensemble Wizard, a general brass band group active in Chiba Prefecture, will hold its 17th regular concert.
This year's concert will feature not only the most popular brass band pieces, but also music that can be enjoyed by all generations of brass band fans.

First, as a commemoration of the annual concert, we will present the 150th anniversary of Horst's birth,
It is a birthday festival, featuring music by three great composers: Holst's "Second Suite" (150th anniversary of his birth), Ikuma Dan's "Celebration March" (100th anniversary of his birth), and Henry Mancini's "Memories of Henry Mancini".

Other popular pieces include "Tanabata" and "Sakura no Uta," both of which are featured in many brass band concerts, and the main piece "Spirited Away," which is composed of six excerpts from the soundtrack of the movie "Spirited Away," which once took first place in the Studio Ghibli general election.

And for popular songs, we will present a medley of classic Disney movies, a medley of Momoe Yamaguchi, and a medley of new and old popular ani-songs.

In addition, we have spotlighted clarinet and snare drum as featured instruments this time!

Ensemble Wizard 17th Regular Concert
April 29, 2024 (Monday, national holiday)
Doors open at 13:30 Concert begins at 14:00
Togane Bunka Kaikan Main Hall Admission free
Preschool children are also welcome.

We look forward to seeing you there!


Part of ⚫︎
Ikuma Dan/Celebratory March
G. Holst/Second Suite
Tadasu Sakai/Tanabata
Yosuke Fukuda/Sakura no uta (revised version)
Kazuhiro Morita arrangement/Spirited Away
         〜From "Spirited Away
⚫︎ two-part
Toshio Majima arrangement/Disney Medley III
Toshio Majima (arr.) / Memories of Henry Mancini
L. Anderson/Clarinet Candy
P. Yoder/Haskell's Rampage Boy
Takudo Kurosawa Arr./Anisong Medley
Toru Kanayama Arr./Japanese Graffiti 9
          〜Ii Hi Tabidachi (Departure on a Good Day)


  • Hirohisa Takanashi


Admission and ticket purchase

  • Admission fee

    All seats unreserved

  • Admission of a preschool child

    We will guide you to the mother-child room or to a seat in the front ^_^.


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