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Piangete occhi Eyes, shed tears!

~17th century Italian religious songs

2024/05/29(We.) 18:30 Starting

Annex Hall, The Museum of KyotoKyoto


Four female musicians gathered at the invitation of cornetist Noriko Ueno. The members are Rei Yorita, viola da gamba player of "Ensemble Principi Veciani," which Ueno presides over, Michiko Takahashi, singer of the ancient music unit "Tamahibi," and Akiko Sato, lute player. The program of early baroque music, "Piangete occhi, pupils, shed your tears," will present a hot and intense performance unique to these four!


  • Tears of the Virgin Mary.

    Claudio Monteverdi

  • Magdalena of the Cross

    Girolamo Frescobaldi

  • Canzon for 2 voices for instrumental music

    Girolamo Frescobaldi

  • Religious Canzonetta with Lullaby

    Tarquinio Merla.


  • Michiko Takahashi


  • Kuniko Ueno


  • Yorita Rei

    viola da gamba

  • Akiko Sato


Admission and ticket purchase

  • How to buy

    Ticket Pia P Code: 267277

    Office Principi Veneziani
    075(493)5262 (Tel/Fax)


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