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Piano & Ensemble Soiree 15th Concert

2024/05/18(Sa.) 13:30 Starting

Chiba City Lifelong Learning Center 2F HallChiba



Part 1
Part of Your World
A Morning Landscape
Be our guest
Beauty and the Beast, Budding of Love, The Bells of Notre Dame
(Composed by A. Menken)
Remember Me (K. A. Lopez and R. Lopez)
Music Forever (G. Franco)
Splash Mountain(A. Vreubel)
The Horned Mansion(B. Baker)
It's a Small World(Richard & Robert Sherman)
Electrical Parade Dreamlights(J. Jacques)
Club Ikspiari(Les Frères)

Part 2
Graceful Ghost Rag(W. Bolcom)
Chinese Dance(P. Tchaikovsky=A. Rosenblatt)
Fly me to the moon(B. Howard)
Blame It On My Youth / Meditation(O. Levant=K. Jarrett / K. Jarrett)
Green Tea Farm(Hiromi Uehara), Spectrum(Hiromi Uehara)
Rhapsody in Blue(G. Gershwin)

Part 3
24 Preludes op. 53, No. 9 in E major, No. 23 in F major
Dawn op. 26
Eight Concert Etudes op. 40
Sinfonietta op.49
(Composed by N. Capustin)

Part 4
The Umbrellas of Cherbourg (M. Legrand)
Scarborough Fair (English Folk Song)
Bridge over Tomorrow (P. Simon)
Love Theme from Sunflower(H. Mancini)
Fisherman's Horizon(Nobuo Uematsu)
Kirby Medley (Jun Ishikawa, Hirokazu Ando)
Kiki's Delivery Service(Joe Hisaishi)
Merry-Go-Round of Life(Joe Hisaishi)

Part 5
Haru yo, koi (Yumi Matsutoya)
Nada Sou Sou(Rimi Natsukawa)
Baby, God Bless You(Shinya Kiyotsuka)
Suzume feat. Jumei(Yojiro Noda)
Viola x Piano] Blessing(ayase)
Nagisa(Masamune Kusano)
Beautiful Fin(Masamune Kusano)
aqua(Ryuichi Sakamoto)
Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence(Ryuichi Sakamoto=O. Louise)
Flowers in Bloom(Yoko Kanno=Nobuyuki Tsujii)

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