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Da Capo 50th Anniversary Concert

Platz Narashino 5th Anniversary

2024/05/11(Sa.) 14:00 Starting

Platz Narashino Civic HallChiba


Performed by: Da Capo
Guest performer: Narashino City Okubo-Higashi Elementary School Chorus Club
Part I: Flute & Piano Masterpiece Stage
Part 2: Da Capo Concert

The duo of Masashi Sakakibara and Hiroko named the concert Da Capo (meaning "back to the beginning in music") in the hope that the audience will never forget their original intention under the blue sky and the sunflower flag. The duo made their debut in 1973 with "Natsu no Hi no Ouremono" (Forgotten Things on a Summer's Day). The following year, their refreshing folk-style harmonies produced the big hit "Kekkonjisuru wa monde desu ka" (Are you sure you want to get married?). Since then, he has sung "Like a Flower Blooming in the Field," "Cape Soya," "Yokohama Poem," "Best Partner," and many other hit songs, as well as many TV theme songs and campaign songs. She has also released a wide repertoire of children's songs, lyrical songs, folk songs, and cover albums of famous songbooks from around the world.


  • Is it true that you are getting married?

  • Cape Soya

  • Like a flower blooming in the field

  • STORY spilled from the sky

  • Today is the youngest day

  • Under the blue sky and sunflowers


  • Masatoshi Sakakibara

  • Hiroko Sakakibara

  • Mariko Sakakibara

  • Jun Enomoto

Admission and ticket purchase

  • Admission fee

    All seats reserved, 3,500 yen for advance tickets (4,000 yen at the door)

  • How to buy

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    Platz Narashino North Bldg. 2F General Reception: ☎ 047-476-3213
    Campetit Online Tickets:
    (Some tickets are available at Campeti Web)


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