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I want to know more! I want to hear more! Teleman vol.3

〜Moderate Happiness - Additional Night Performance

2024/04/20(Sa.) 18:00 Starting



*An additional evening performance will be held on the same day with the same program as the 14:30 performance was sold out.

Magnificent palaces, colorful ceiling paintings, and elegant and beautiful music... Many people may imagine the world of the "Baroque" as a luxurious and gorgeous aristocratic world. While this is of course true, in the 18th century, ordinary citizens also began to enjoy music. In this third issue, we will introduce music written by Telemann for such citizens, focusing on his song works. Songs about drinking, rice, nature, and other familiar themes provide a glimpse into the vibrant life of the citizens of that time.

It doesn't matter if you don't have expensive alcohol. It doesn't matter if you don't go to a fancy restaurant. The citizens of the 18th century send their recommendations for "moderation" to Japan, a society of inequality in the 21st century!


From "24's Partly Funny, Partly Serious Ode" (TVWV 25:97)
Der Wein TVWV 25:97
A simple meal Die schlechte Mahlzeit TVWV 25:99
from "Six Moral Cantatas" TVWV 25:99
Moderate happiness Das mäßige Glück TVWV 20:31 and others

Please note that the program is subject to change.


  • Kota Sato


  • Minae Fujisaki


  • Asamasa Ujigawa

    recorder (e.g. tape recorder, time recorder)

  • Takatsugu Kakeda


  • Aya Fukuma


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    All seats unreserved
    Advance 4,000 yen
    At the door 4,500 yen
    Students 2,000 yen

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    Electronic tickets will be sent by e-mail for this performance.
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