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Teneramente Philharmonic Orchestra

The 9th Regular Concert

2024/06/08(Sa.) 14:00 Starting

Ota Kumin Hall Aprico Main HallTokyo


Welcome to the Teneramente Philharmonic Orchestra!
The word "teneramente" means "with love and tenderness" in Italian.
The word "teneramente" means "with love and tenderness" in Italian, and it is our wish to bring out the best in each piece of music and composer by treating them with love.
We, the Teneramente Philharmonic Orchestra (commonly known as Tenefil), are led by our permanent conductor, Yuya Sudo, and our highly motivated members.
We are an orchestra that aims to try at least one challenging experiment each season as we tackle a variety of music.

This time, we will send you Debussy's symphonic poem "Sea," one of his masterpieces, and Berlioz's masterpiece "Symphonie fantastique," a pioneer of the Romantic school.
Both were avant-garde works at the time of their publication, but today they occupy an important place in music history. Please enjoy these two great works in the Tenefils sound!


  • Symphonic Poem "The Sea

    Claude Debussy

  • fantasy symphony

    Ector Berlioz.


  • Yuya Sudo



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    *Preschool children are not allowed to attend.

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