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Lunchtime] Kaori Muraji Guitar Recital Unofficial

Life Cycle Concert Gohobi Classics 9th

2024/05/05(Su.) 14:00 Starting

Dai-ichi Seimei HallTokyo


In the daytime, we will perform songs of England spun by a solo guitarist, and in the evening, we will present a variety of compositions and sounds with a string quartet!


  • Greensleeves

    English folk song

  • yesterday


  • Nocturnal, Op.70

    Benjamin Britten.

  • Hear Comes the Sun

    Lou Harrison

  • Michel.


  • Tears of Pavane P15

    John Dowland

  • Four Old Scottish Songs

    author unknown

  • Fantasy P1

    John Dowland


  • Kaori Muraji


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