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Alexei Zuev Piano Recital Hiroshima

The World of Stravinsky's Ballets Russes

2024/03/24(Su.) 14:00 Starting

Hatsukaichi Cultural Hall, Wood One, Sakura Pia, Small HallHiroshima


Long-awaited great talent, Alexei Lyubimov's first disciple, Alexei Zuev, finally comes to Japan!
Piano performance of Diaghilev's "Ballets Russes" and Stravinsky's world!
Alexei Zuev, a well-known Stravinsky specialist and researcher, will perform "All Stravinsky's
All-Stravinsky Program Vol. 1" by Alexei Zuev, a well-known Stravinsky scholar and specialist.


  • Apollo leading the muse


  • Three movements from Petrushka


  • phoenix (esp. fenghuang, the Chinese phoenix)


I. Stravinsky

 Ballet "Apollo Leading the Muse" (Stravinsky arranged for piano)

 Three movements from "Petrushka

 Ballet "The Firebird" (1910 version / Stravinsky arranged for piano)


  • Alexei Zuev.


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