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Fellows in Concert Vol.21

An Examination of the Philosophers."

2024/05/18(Sa.) 13:30 Starting

Koto-ku Cultural Center HallTokyo


One of the greatest features of the Fellows Concerts is the "theme" that changes each time. This year's theme is "The Music of Philosophers". We will be performing music related to philosophers with the sound of an "English-style brass band". We will perform to the best of our ability so that everyone who attends will enjoy the concert. Please come to the Fellows Concert.


  • Rhapsody by St. Francis

    Andrew Wainwright

  • March "Rousseau"

    Ray Ogg.

  • Zoroaster speaks

    Richard Strauss

  • Celtic Scream

    Ronan Hardiman.


  • Takahiro Suzuki


  • Brass Band Fellows


Admission and ticket purchase

  • Admission fee

    Same-day ticket 500 yen
    Advance tickets 500 yen
    Advance Web Discount 400 yen (special price available only for purchase via Ticket Pia and other Web sites)

  • How to buy

    Ticket Pia
    P code: 261-291
    Contact us by e-mail

  • Admission of a preschool child

    Children are welcome. In this case, please be considerate of viewing manners.

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