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Hiroshima Wind Orchestra Mihara Special Concert Unofficial

2024/05/18(Sa.) 15:00 Starting

Mihara Arts Center PopoloHiroshima


At the Hiroshima Wind Orchestra's Mihara Special Concert, you can enjoy a performance of all the pieces for the competition and a talk by the Maestro. This concert offers a rich program that will allow you to fully enjoy the charm of brass band music.


  • sinfonietta

    Jiro Mikami

  • March "Raise the Banner of Courage"

    Kimiyasu Wataguchi

  • When the wind sparkles

    Reitaka Kondo

  • fairy-tale

    Tadasu Sakai

  • frontier spirit

    Hirotake Ito

  • Ballade for brass band V

    Satoshi Kaneda

  • Ballade for Alto Saxophone

    A. Reed

  • Detective Conan Main Theme

    Katsuo Ohno

  • Sing Sing Sing Japanese Graffiti IX - Ii Hi Tabidachi

    L. Prima

  • Japanese Graffiti IX - Ii Hi Tabidachi


  • Tatsuya Shitano


  • Yuki Maeda


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