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Hyogo Performing Arts Center Orchestra 150th Subscription Concert Unofficial

Kakuta Kougyou x Hayashi Eitetsu, Feitianyu & A Hero's Life

2024/05/10(Fr.) 15:00 Starting

Hyogo Performing Arts Center KOBELCO Main HallHyogo


Gorgeous and gorgeous! Taiko & Orchestra!

Kosuke Tsunoda, one of the hottest young conductors of the moment, will make his first PAC subscription appearance. He will perform a total of three pieces.
The first piece is Haydn's Symphony No. 103 "Drumroll". It is one of Haydn's most famous symphonies, and was given the name "Taiko Rensatsu" (drum roll) because of the quiet succession of the timpani in the first movement. The next piece, "Hitenyu," a taiko concerto by Isao Matsushita, features a variety of taiko drums of all sizes! The soloist is Eitetsu Hayashi, a world-renowned taiko drummer who continues to explore the possibilities of taiko, and we invite you to experience the sound of taiko, which overwhelmed an audience of over 20,000 people in 2000 when he performed with the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra.
The final performance will be R. Strauss's symphonic poem "Life of a Hero. The life of a "hero," who is said to have been modeled after the composer himself, is depicted by a large orchestra. The appeal of this piece is that every instrument has its own unique sound, allowing the audience to enjoy the skill of the performers.
Please look forward to this gorgeous program in which you can enjoy the fascination of Eastern and Western drums and a powerful orchestra all at once.


  • Symphony No. 103 in E flat major "Drumroll" Hob.I:103


  • Wadaiko Concerto "Hitenyu

    Isao Matsushita

  • Symphonic Poem "Life of Hero" op.40, TrV 190

    R. Strauss


  • Kohsuke Tsunoda


  • Eitetsu Hayashi


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