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Volunteers from the Music Department of Shizuoka University's Faculty of Education

2024/04/06(Sa.) 13:30 Starting

Shizuoka Music Hall AOIShizuoka


This is a project by students of the Music Department of Shizuoka University's Faculty of Education.
The theme is "Space," a fascinating and mysterious space created by music. In fact, it may not be so different from the space you are currently spending time in. In order to approach such "space," we will feature works by American avant-garde composers John Cage and Henry Cowell, as well as the troubled Russian composer Igor Stravinsky!

Performers: Kanade Kondo, Tomoki Uenaka, Takayuki Kanahara, Kotaro Hirabayashi, Motosuke Fukutsuka

John Cage "4 minutes 33 seconds", "0 minutes 00 seconds", "Music in the Living Room
Henry Cowell "Manonong Currents
Igor Stravinsky, "The Rite of Spring" for piano, 4 hands

Organized by: Shizuoka University Faculty of Education Music Department Volunteer Group
Cooperated by: Shizuoka University Faculty of Education, Art Education Specialization, Shizuoka Contemporary Music Study Group
Supported by: Shizuoka City, Shizuoka City Board of Education, Japan Classical Music Association, All Japan Piano Teachers Association (Pitina)


  • 4 minutes 33 seconds

    John Cage

  • 0 minutes 00 seconds

    John Cage

  • Music in the living room

    John Cage

  • Mannononian Currents

    Henry Cowell

  • Spring Festival

    Igor Stravinsky.

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