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Heartfelt Concert by Yota Tanaka & Ginga Orchestra Members

A starry sky appears in the hall of the ministry.

2024/04/20(Sa.) 14:00 Starting



Thirty years have passed since its formation. The Ginga Orchestra (Orchestra), which has been led by composer Yota Tanaka, has released 19 CDs and has been in charge of music for TV and radio programs. Last February, they released "GINGA21," a symphonic poem by a 60-piece orchestra. It was well received for its unique sound, with eight saxophones layered with the delicate sound of strings and gloss.
This time, Yota Tanaka and the Ginga Orchestra pick-up members will perform a heartwarming concert. A planetarium was also projected at the venue! Please enjoy the world of "Ginga" with images of stars.

Yota Tanaka (composer, piano), Junko Monoshujo (violin), Norihiko Takigami (soprano sax), Sayaka Takeuchi (alto sax), Matsutaro Komine (tenor sax), Takahiro Nishio (baritone sax)
Planetarium Projection] Hoshitsumugi no Mura


  • HO - Nostalgia

    Yota Tanaka

  • Songs of the wind

    Yota Tanaka

  • The Story of the Starry Sky

    Yota Tanaka

  • Rainbow Station

    Yota Tanaka

  • Father's Lullaby

    Yota Tanaka

  • Dancing in the Starry Sky

    Yota Tanaka

  • When you wish upon a star

    Lee Harline.

  • Fly Me to the Moon

    Byrd, Howard.


  • Yota Tanaka


  • reed bunting (Emberiza schoeniclus)


  • Norihiko Takigami

    soprano saxophone

  • Sayaka Takeuchi

    alto saxophone

  • Matsutaro Komine

    tenor saxophone

  • Takahiro Nishio

    baritone sax


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