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Let's Play with the Sendai Philharmonic Orchestra 2024 Unofficial

2024/04/07(Su.) 15:00 Starting

Sendai City Youth Cultural Center Hitachi Systems Hall SendaiMiyagi


Afternoon Session
Musical Instruments Museum 14:00-14:45
Music Concert begins 15:00 (scheduled to end at 16:00)


The Museum of Musical Instruments
Experience musical instruments other than wind instruments is back! This event will be held at each hall in Hitachi Systems Hall Sendai.
Also, you can see the instruments of an orchestra up close at the Musical Instruments Exhibit.
 Concert Hall: Conductor Experience Corner
 Theater Hall: Percussion Experience Corner
 Interaction Hall: String Instruments Experience Corner
 Conference Rooms 1-3: Instrument Exhibit Corner

Sousa: March "The Star-Spangled Banner Forever
Rossini: "March of the Swiss Army" from Overture to William Tell
Hand Play Song Corner
 (Riding a raccoon dog in a pine tree, Tonton Tonton Bearded Grandpa, Atama Kata Knees Pon Pon)
Tchaikovsky: "The Nutcracker" (composed by Ogiko Arai)


  • Ken Takaseki



    Special Guests

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