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Disney & French" Akasaka Wind Orchestra

The 13th Regular Concert

2024/06/01(Sa.) 13:30 Starting

Sumida Triphony Hall, Main HallTokyo


The concert is presented with "a fascinating selection of music," "a talk by the conductor that arouses interest in the music," and "a live performance" that allows the audience to share in the excitement of the music without prior knowledge.

Please enjoy a wonderful time with live music that will touch your heart.
(Supported by Sumida Ward)


  • Festival of Dionysus

    Florent Schmidt

  • Spanish Rhapsody

    label (music)

  • Suite from "Dolly


  • Sicilienne.


  • Symphony in C major "Classical Overture" for wind instruments


  • Variations on a 16th century chanson

    Masahiko Suwa

  • aladdin

    game of chance similar to rock, paper scissors, where the different hand gestures symbolize a pair of swords

  • Lion King

    Hans Zimmer & Elton John

  • Mary Poppins" Selection

    Sherman Brothers/A. Reed

  • Disney Classics Review


  • Hiroshi Nishino


  • Takashi Miyazaki


  • Kyoko Okuda


  • Zoshi Hirakawa


  • Taro Sakakibara


  • Akasaka Wind Orchestra

    wind (instrument) music


Admission and ticket purchase

  • Admission fee

    About the "Post-payment System for Admission (Donation System)
    This is a system in which the excitement of the concert is converted into a monetary donation.
    The customer decides the price!
    When you leave, please place a voluntary admission fee (in cash) in the admission box.
    (If you wish, you can also pay before the concert starts or during the intermission.)
    *Junior high and high school students are free of charge this time.

    ◆Wheelchair seats available
    Same-day tickets available (Seat selection is not available for same-day tickets)

  • How to buy

    Please apply from the ticket purchase site "teket".


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