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No. 3: Banraku Yuuyu

Piano concert by students of Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music

2024/03/30(Sa.) 14:00 Starting

J:COM Urayasu Music Hall Concert HallChiba


Banraku Yuuki" is a completely independent concert project by current Geidai students.
The members consist of four pianists and one composer from the Music High School attached to the Tokyo University of the Arts.
Banraku Yuuki" is a four-character idiom meaning "to play and enjoy with all one's might. This project was born out of the curiosity of what would happen as a result of the resonance and sometimes collision of the individual personalities of each of the five musicians. This project was born out of the curiosity of what would happen as a result of the resonance and sometimes clash of the five musicians' personalities.
In this third concert, the first half and the second half of the program will each include a piece for duet. The program will consist mainly of works by Chopin and French composers, and there will also be a solo performance by Moeki Omura.


  • Ballade No.3, Op.47


  • Polonaise No.6 "Hero" Op.53


  • Theme and Variations FP.151


  • slow movement (mus)

    Moegi Omura

  • sonatina

    label (music)

  • Symphony (joint)


  • La Valse (unaccompanied)

    label (music)

the rest


  • Melodyesi Shonomiya


  • Dashing Tomizawa


  • Takuya Machinaga


  • Reima Yonekura


  • Moegi Omura


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