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Yamashita Kosuke's Otoyugi Vol.1

2024/03/04(Mo.) 19:00 Starting



This is the first of a series of special concerts featuring a program of Kosuke Yamashita's own compositions under the supervision of the composer/arranger Kosuke Yamashita.
The unique performers gathered for this occasion will weave a space to play with sound. A new piece will also be performed.

Kosuke Yamashita (arranger, conductor)
Fl: Junichiro Taku, Ob: Aya Kotaki, Cl: Chimari Uchiyama, Sax: Yurie Yamazaki, Hn: Atsushi Ogawa, Tp: Arisa Kubo, Perc: Hatsumi Nitta, Pf: Atsushi Abe, Bs: Keisuke Torigoe, Hp: SANAE, Str: Mayu Shirai Strings

<Kosuke Yamashita Profile> Composer, Arranger
Born in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan. Graduated from Tokyo College of Music, majoring in composition (film and broadcast music course).
In 1996, he participated as an arranger in Hikoh Obayashi's "The Mystery of the Three-Headed Cat Holmes," which led to his involvement in many of the director's subsequent works. Also in 1996, he was in charge of music for Koei (now Koei Tecmo Games)'s historical simulation game "The Ambition of Nobunaga: Shosei Roku," one of the company's best-known works.
In 1996, he was in charge of the music for Koei's (now Koei Tecmo Games) most famous historical simulation game, "Nobunaga no Yabo Shoseiroku. Since then, he has composed music for a total of seven series.
In 2003, he joined the Super Sentai series with his mentor, Kentaro Haneda, an arranger and pianist, and has composed music for "Magical Sentai Majiranger" (2005), "Kaizoku Sentai
Gokaiger" (2011), "Kamen Rider Armor Warrior" (2013), and "Goutarou Sentai Don Brothers" (2022).
In 2005, his TV drama "Boys Over Flowers" (TBS) became a hit, and since then he has composed music for many TV dramas and animations.
Major works include the TV drama "Kurosagi" (2006), the TV drama "Papa to Musume no 7 Nichijitsu" (2007), the NHK serial "Hitomi" (2008), the anime "Digimon Cross Wars" (2010), and the anime "Chihayafuru" (2011). He has also worked as an arranger for "Ongaku no Nai Ongakukai" (ANB) and other broadcast arrangements, as well as arranging and conducting orchestral concerts.
Since 2022, he has been the PR Ambassador of his hometown Iwata City, Shizuoka Iwata. He is a professor at Senzoku Gakuen College of Music and a specially appointed professor at Tokyo College of Music. He is a board member of the Japan Composers and Arrangers Association (JCAA).


  • cloudy noon

  • eternal story

  • Epilogue 1996

  • the rest


  • Kosuke Yamashita


  • Junichiro Taku


  • Aya Kotaki


  • Chimari Uchiyama


  • Yurie Yamazaki


  • Atsushi Ogawa


  • Arisa Kubo


  • Nitta Hatsumi


  • Atsushi Abe


  • Keisuke Torigoe




  • Mayu Shirai


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