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Osakashion Dragon Quest Concert in Itami Unofficial

2024/04/13(Sa.) 15:00 Starting

Itami Hall (Itami Municipal Cultural Hall) Main HallHyogo


The Osaka Shion Wind Orchestra will perform the music of the "Dragon Quest" series in a brass band concert.


  • Dragon Quest I

    Kouichi Sugiyama

  • Dragon Quest II

    Kouichi Sugiyama

  • Dragon Quest III

    Kouichi Sugiyama

Dragon Quest I" by brass band
Radatome Castle
Dragon Quest II" by Symphonic Band
Haruka Narunaru Tabi Jou - Hiroya wo Yuku - Endless World
The Underground Cave of Terror - The Devil's Tower
Sacred Hora
This Road is My Journey

Dragon Quest III" by brass band
Around the World (City - Zipangu - Pyramid - Village)
Journey of Adventure
Across the Sea
Flying the Sky
Theme of Battle - In Alefgarde - Challenge of the Brave
And to the Legend


  • Shinpei Sasaki


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