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Brass band concert unique to Nara

Please enjoy the songs set in colorful "Nara" to the fullest!

2024/07/07(Su.) 13:30 Starting

Yamatotakada Sazanka Hall Main HallNara

Nara's unique brass band concert

The concert will start with a wonderful piece of music by a composer "from Nara prefecture.
Nara-specific" music performed by Nara-loving players.
Please enjoy the colorful music "set in Nara" to the fullest!


  • Dawn to Adventure

    Tazukawa, Ohhiko

  • wind-wrought pattern on the sands

    Hiroshi Hoshina

  • speckled sky


  • the giant Buddha and the deer

    Tadasu Sakai

  • circus hat march

    Okumoto Banzai

  • dance performance held in April by geisha and maiko in Kyoto's Gion district

    Yosuke Fukuda

  • centennial celebration

    Hirokazu Fukushima

  • Impressions of Japan

    J. Burns


  • Koji Miura


  • Tsujimoto, Tsuyoshi

    alto saxophone

  • Okumoto Banzai


  • I ...


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  • Admission of a preschool child


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