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Baroque Music in the Springtime Vol.2

Baroque music in a Western-style house

2024/03/16(Sa.) 14:00 Starting

Yokohama British Museum HallKanagawa


In mid-March, "Harbor View Park" overlooking the Port of Yokohama is filled with the fragrance of spring flowers as they begin to bloom. Baroque music will be performed in the hall of the "Yokohama British Pavilion," a western-style building built as the British Consulate General, with old-style instruments (baroque oboe, viola da gamba, and harpsichord). Please come and enjoy a relaxing spring time.


J.S.Bach: Trio Sonata in E minor (from BWV 78/8 and 528)
G.F.Handel: Oboe Sonata in F major, HWV 363a
G.Ph. Telemann: Overture (Suite) in G minor, from TWV 41: g4 "The Faithful Music Master
J. Schenck: Sonata for viola da gamba in A major
D. Buxtehude: Sonata for viola da gamba BuxWV 268
J.K.F. Fischer: Suite "Melpomene" in A minor
Please note that the program is subject to change. Please understand.


  • Yuriko Oyama

    Baroque oboe

  • Hisashi Kato

    viola da gamba

  • Ryunosuke Okada


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  • Admission fee

    All free seating 3,500 yen

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