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An afternoon of German songs sung by five people Unofficial

SomaFelice Series Concert No.1

2024/02/04(Su.) 15:00 Starting

Aoyama Music Memorial Hall, Kyoto (Baroque Saal)Kyoto


Hiroko Kawai, the leader of SomaFelice, named the group "SomaFelice no Kai" (Soma Felice no Kai) in the hope that each and every one of you will be happy in your singing body. The name "SomaFelice" is derived from the Greek word "soma" (meaning "one's own living body"; the English word "somatic" is also used) and the Italian word The word "soma" was coined from the Greek word "soma" ("somatic body" in English) and the Italian word "felice" ("felice, happy"). For this memorable first concert, ensemble pianist Maarten Hillenius will be invited from the Netherlands.

When I asked the performers, "What would you like to sing with Maarten's accompaniment? All of them happened to mention German lieder, and that was the program for today's concert. They are all busy teaching, raising children, or working outside of music, but they are all good friends who continue to question together how to move forward as performers. This is a concert of five unique individuals who love music, study music, and devote themselves to the process of using their bodies to sing. Please give us your warm support. Why don't you come and enjoy German songs with us? We look forward to seeing you at the concert.


W.A.Mozart An Chloe
Komm, Lieber Mai Come, my dear May

Der Sänger The singer
F. Schubert *Erlkönig The Mad King
Gute Nacht Good night
Gute Nacht Good night
Gefrorne Tränen Frozen Tears
Erstarrung The Frozen Field
Die Lindenbaum Linden
Wasserflut, the flood of tears
Frühlingstraum A Dream of Spring

Mignon Mignon
Er ist ist's Spring

Liebst du um Schönheit If you love because of beauty
C.Schumann *Er ist gekommen in Strum und Regen He came in storm and wind

Allerseelen All Souls' Day
R.Strauß *Die Nacht Night
Ständchen Serenade

Elfenlied The Fairy Song
Das verlassene Mägdlein The abandoned maiden
Nixe Binsefuss The water nymph Binsefuss
Der Knabe und das Immlein The Boy and the Honeybee
Er ist's Spring!


  • Yusuke Furukawa


  • Kurokawa Mami


  • Atlantic Ocean


  • Oliveira left-hander


  • Masahiro Mukai


  • Maarten Hillenius.


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