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Salamanca Boys and Girls Choir CORO Junior

The 11th Regular Concert

2024/03/31(Su.) 14:00 Starting

OKB Fureai Kaikan Salamanca HallGifu


The Salamanca Boys and Girls Chorus CORO Junior is celebrating its 11th year of existence.
This concert is the start of looking back over the past 10 years and taking on the challenges of the next 10 years.

CORO has been working on musicals. The musicals are "Ahonokawa Taiko," "Arashi no Yoru ni," "Sora no Fu・Shigi," "Till there is a Choir in Convex Elementary School," "Oto Dorobo to Convex Detective Boys," and "Ma★te★ki. The original piece from "Sora no Fu・shigi" was composed by Kensaku Tanikawa, and the piece from "Doko Doko Shogakko ni Chorus Gakudan ga Gakurenai Hara" was created exclusively by CORO.

The atmosphere of CORO that we have built is "free," "energetic," and "children are the main character.


December Song from the opera "The Forest is Alive
Do Re Mi Song from the musical "The Sound of Music
Blue Mountains / Don't give in / Prayer
Invisible Wings from the musical "Sora no Fu・Shigi
Yasashisan ni Surrounded by Tenderness (from the musical "Sora no Fushigi")
Railroad Cat from the musical "Cats
Tomodachi ha naze wa why from the musical "Convex and Convoluted Elementary School Choir
Kiniro no Taiyo ga Moeru Morno ni
Wakkakka / Yumetemo de honto no ka? from the musical "Oto Dorobo to Convex Chorus
Sampo / Let's Sing a Song
888 / Yume kara hajimaru from the musical "Ma★teki

Part 2 <Future e Zenryoku
Somewhere in the Memory of the Night Sky / What You Call Tomorrow
Yama no Musicians / Let's go to the performance / Believe, etc.


  • Salamanca Boys and Girls Choir CORO Junior

Admission and ticket purchase

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    Release date Friday, 1/12/2024

  • How to buy

    Salamanca Hall Ticket Center TEL: 058-277-1110 (9:00-21:30)
    *Tickets can be reserved online at the official website "Salamanca Online Tickets
    *Please check the website for more information:

  • Admission of a preschool child


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