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Recorder & Harpsichord Ut/Fa Concert 2024

~18th Century French Music ~.

2024/02/04(Su.) 14:30 Starting



This program features works by the Othoire, Philidor, and Couperin, the most famous French musical families of the 18th century. The melodies are from a distant era, yet somehow nostalgic and familiar. The music is a suite of dances, such as minuets and sarabands, that depict portraits of people living around the composer, mythological worlds, and some mysterious titles. The delicate and captivating sounds of the music will be performed by alto recorder, voice flute, and cembalo.

Recorder Asamasa Ujikawa
Aya Fukuma, harpsichord


J. M. Ottotere: Suite in D major for Recorder and Passing Bass, Op.2-1
J. M. Othaer: Suite for Recorder and Passing Bass in G major, Op.2-3
P. D. Philidor: Suite No. 9 in E minor
F. Couperin: from the 15th ordre
J. Dufry: Les Grasses (Three Beauties)
J. Dufry: Les Grasses (The Three Beauties), etc.
Please note that the program is subject to change.


  • Asamasa Ujigawa

    recorder (e.g. tape recorder, time recorder)

  • Aya Fukuma


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