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Osakashion The 153rd Regular Concert Unofficial

2024/03/23(Sa.) 14:00 Starting

The Symphony HallOsaka


The Osaka Shion Wind Orchestra will hold its 153rd Regular Concert on March 23, 2024. Under the baton of conductor Akira Miyagawa, the orchestra will present a wonderful performance featuring soloists Miichi Yoneira and Yasutoshi Miyagawa and a chorus from the Himawari Musical Laboratory. The program will include Symphonic Paradise, Bouquet in the Evening Sun, A Tale of a Blowing Band, Yatsuo, Nariwai, Five Themes from the music play "Hamlet," Two Scenes from the music play "Jitsusumaru," Matsuken Samba II, and more. Please enjoy.


  • symphonic paradise

  • Bouquet to the setting sun

  • Blowout Sentiment, Yatsuo


  • Five Themes from Hamlet

  • Two Scenes from the Music Drama "Shintoxin Maru

  • Matzken Samba II


  • Akira Miyagawa


  • Miichi Yoneura


  • Yasutoshi Miyagawa


  • Sunflower Theatre Company Musical Laboratory


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