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Osakashion Sumitomo Life Insurance Izumi Hall Special Concert Unofficial


2024/03/08(Fr.) 19:00 Starting

Sumitomo Life Insurance Izumi HallOsaka


MARCH! MARCH! MARCH!" is a concert where you can hear the wonderful performance of the Osaka Shion Wind Orchestra. Please enjoy an enjoyable time with a wide variety of music.


[March of the World]
Cadet (J.P.Sousa)
Count Zeppelin (C. Teicke / arr. W. Wessner)
The Lorraine March (L. Ganne, arr. F. Mahr, trans. F. Fennell)
The Thin Red Line (K.J. Alford, arr. H.R. Gore)
A Walk in the Shade (E.F. Goldman, arr. E.S. Risk)
Secret Ritual IV "March" (Akira Nishimura)
March of the Great Composers
March" from Comedy "Baron Gypsy" (J. Strauss II / arr. C. Burns)
March" from "The Nutcracker" (P. Tchaikovsky, arr. Tomo Nishimura)
Country Band March (C. Ives, arr. J. Sinclair)
March to the Decapitations" from "Symphonie fantastique" (H. Berlioz / arr. Tomo Nishimura)
Siegfried's Funeral March" from "Götterdämmerung" (R. Wagner, arr. Tomo Nishimura)
Bacchus' Procession" from "Sylvia" (L. Drieve / arr. Soichi Kohase)


  • Friends of Nishimura


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