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Richt Brass Band

The 11th Regular Concert

2024/02/24(Sa.) 18:30 Starting



This year will be the 11th annual concert of the Richt Symphonic Band, and the theme for this year's concert has been set to "Learning from the past".
We will present a program that will challenge new things while retaining the Richt style!

In the first part, the classical stage, we will perform the 2021 version of "The Last Letter from Murdoch," which was also performed at the 6th concert, as well as all movements of "Three Japonismes," a very famous piece in the brass band world.
The second part, entitled "Five Musical Styles Delivered by Richt," will feature a variety of styles (genres), including Queen Medley (rock) and Let's Take the A Train (jazz).
And in the third part... we will present the Disney Stage, an original project of the members of the Richt Symphonic Band!

There will be a lot to see and do in all three parts of the concert!
Please come and join us!

If you are interested, please contact
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Thank you.


<What is the Richt Wind Band?
The Richt Wind Band was formed by graduates of Tokyo Metropolitan Toshima Senior High School and Waseda University Senior High School, who were mutual students of conductor Akio Toyoda.
Currently, the band is not only an alumni band of the two schools, but also a general organization with about 50 members, ranging from university students to working adults.
The name of the band, "Licht," means light (Licht) in German and is associated with the name of the conductor.
We, the Richt Symphonic Band, perform daily under the philosophy of "I'm home," a brass band where everyone can feel "I'm home" forever. We, the Richt Symphonic Band, are always playing under the principle of "I'm home.



Based on White Whales and Travels/R. Galante
Three Japonismes/Toshio Majima
QUEEN Medley/Masamichi Amano
Disney Stage


Admission and ticket purchase

  • Admission fee

    General 1000 yen
    High school students and under 500 yen
    Free for elementary school students and younger (ticket is required)

    All seats are unreserved.

  • Admission of a preschool child

    Children under elementary school age may enter, but a ticket is required.


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