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Kyohei Sanda & Japan National Orchestra Unofficial

Concert Tour 2024 Tokyo

2024/02/26(Mo.) 19:00 Starting

Suntory Hall Main HallTokyo


Further deepening of Kyohei Sanda & Japan National Orchestra!
Continuing to create a whirlwind not only as a pianist but also as a conductor, the 2024 concert tour throughout Japan!

Pianist Kyohei Sanda, who won the second prize at the 18th International Chopin Piano Competition, the first Japanese winner in half a century, and the Japan National Orchestra (JNO), which he produces, will hold a concert tour in 2024, performing 12 concerts in 10 cities throughout Japan.

The JNO's tour program is basically decided by the members, but this time, Kyohei, who is currently based in Vienna, selected Mozart as his favorite composer. He has long taken up Mozart as his favorite composer, and he is looking forward to a performance ripe for the picking in a land with which he has deep ties. JNO's appeal will be brought to fans across the country with a lineup of talented artists who are active internationally as soloists in works by Poulenc and Ravel.


  • Overture to Don Giovanni


  • Piano Concerto No. 20 in D minor


  • Concerto for Piano and 18 instruments "Aubade" (Dance Concerto for Piano and 18 instruments)


  • Couperin's tomb (orchestral version)

    label (music)


  • Kyohei Sanda

    Conductor, Piano

  • Japan National Orchestra

    orchestral music

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