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Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra Issue Concert 2024 Unofficial

2024/02/29(Th.) 19:00 Starting

Fuchu no Mori Art Theatre, Dorium HallTokyo


Continuing from last year, the concert will be held at the "Fuchu no Mori Art Theatre Dorium Hall" used for the Tokyo Metropolitan Wind Music Competition!
SS and S seats allow you to enjoy the competition from the same perspective as the judges!


  • Pop Step March

    Kazuhiro Morita

  • Raise the flag of courage.

    Kimiyasu Wataguchi

  • frontier spirit

    Hirotake Ito

  • When the wind sparkles

    Reitaka Kondo

  • fairy-tale

    Tadasu Sakai

  • The Great Fishing Song of the North Sea

    kappa (mythical water-dwelling creature)

  • Ainu Circle Dance

    Hiroji Hayakawa

  • From the North

    Kimikazu Hattori

  • From the Southern Islands -Okinawa Melody

    Kimikazu Hattori

  • I am a member of ...

    Yuki Nagano

  • Symphonic impression on the theme of Okinawan folk song "Tanichamae

    Toshio Mashima


  • Takeshi Oi


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