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Bach's Pearl Cantatas - II: Songs of Joy - Echoes of Joy

Yokohama Port Opening Commemoration Concert Ensemble Yamate Balocco Concert

2024/04/20(Sa.) 14:00 Starting

Kanagawa Kenmin Hall, Small HallKanagawa


For the 2024 opening concert, Ensemble Yamate Barocco will present a concert of Bach cantatas and other works by Bach with wonderful guests as in 2022.
This year's concert will feature joyful religious and secular pieces. You will also hear the Brandenburg Concerto No. 3.


Cantata No. 214 "Drums, sound the trumpets" BWV214
(Birthday Celebration of Maria Joshua, Electress of Saxony and Queen of Poland)
Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 in G major, BWV 1048
Magnificat in D major My soul praises the Lord, BWV243


  • Megumi Kobayashi


  • Poena Kato


  • Sone Aiko


  • Akira Ohno Exhibition


  • Norio Sugiyama


  • Shingo Murakami

    baroque trumpet

  • Eizako Ikeda

    baroque trumpet

  • Miho Kaneko

    baroque trumpet

  • Yuya Honma

    Baroque timpani

  • Yuriko Oyama

    Baroque oboe

  • Banri Ono

    Baroque violin

  • Ichiko Tsubota

    viola da gamba

  • Takuteru Nagase

    baroque cello

  • Ensemble Yamate Barocco

    Old Music Ensemble

Admission and ticket purchase

  • How to buy

    For reservations, please email Yamate Barocco at with the concert name, name, and number of tickets.


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