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Madrigali del SUD Madrigale in Southern Italy

DolceAmaro's 6th performance in Saitama, Japan

2024/02/10(Sa.) 14:00 Starting

Shomyo-do Music HallSaitama


DolceAmaro 6th performance
〜Madrigale Collection of Southern Italy

Date: Saturday, February 10, 2024 (Saitama)
Concert begins at 14:00 (doors open at 13:30)

Yumiko Mori (soprano)
Ikuko Morikawa (Soprano)
Yasuaki Ichikawa (Tenor)
Yasunori Nakamura, tenor
Daisuke Abe (bass)

Program : Lutzasko Lutza
Lutzasko Lutzaski: Oh, miracle of love (published in 1595)
Alfonso Fontanelli: My heart cannot die (1595)
Pomponio Nenna: Shut up, O mouth, oh shut up (1603)
Ascanio Maione: Your heart can die (1604)
Ettore della Marra: Should I speak, poor me, should I be silent? (1609)
Carlo Gesualdo: Silence, or suffering looms (1594)
I cry out, "Mercy! I cry out, crying out (1611), etc.

Hot sunshine, the smell of lemons and oranges, olives and cacti all around, vineyards beyond the dry wind, and small cities scattered on the hills beyond. On one of these hills still stands the Castle of Jesualdo.

The sixth performance is a collection of madrigales from southern Italy, especially from the area around Jesualdo.

The music, with its peculiar harmonic progression, Venosa, the lords of Jesualdo and other places, and the murderer of wives and lovers, has been known since 400 years ago, and has astonished even Stravinsky as far back as that time, and still sounds in a sense "bizarre" even to our modern ears, and is unrivaled even in this age. It seems to reign in the history of early Baroque music like a distorted tower that stands alone, unrivaled by any other composer of its time.

But was Gesualdo really unique?

In this article, we have collected the works of many composers from Naples and Bari during the period in which Jesualdo lived, from those who would have been his seniors and teachers, to those who served around him, fellow nobles, contemporaries, and even those who came after his death. What kind of composers were there and what kind of music did they write? All will be performed by an ensemble of five voices singing only.



  • Oh, the miracle of love.

    Lutzasko Lutzaski.

  • My heart cannot die.

    Alfonso Fontanelli

  • Shut up, mouth. Oh, shut up.

    Pomponio Nenna.

  • Your mind can die.

    Ascanio Maione.

  • Should I speak, poor me, or should I be silent?

    Ettore della Marra

  • If you are silent, suffering looms

    Carlo Jesualdo

  • Mercy!" I cry out.

    Carlo Jesualdo

the rest


  • DolceAmaro

    vocal ensemble

  • Ikuko Morikawa


  • Yumiko Mori


  • Yasuaki Ichikawa


  • Yasunori Nakamura


  • Daisuke Abe



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