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Ohayashi Project in Kanakku Hall

New Year LIVE 2024

2024/01/06(Sa.) 14:00 Starting

Yokohama City Kanagawa Ward Citizens Cultural Center, Kanagawa HallKanagawa


The Ohayashi Project takes the traditional Japanese music of Ohayashi to a new level! Collaboration of classical music, folk classics, pops, Latin, and western music with a wide variety of instruments! Even a pro wrestling song! A lively and enjoyable musical entertainment suitable for the opening of the New Year!

What is "Ohayashi Profekt"?
This project was launched by Hideyuki Mochizuki and Satajuro Mochizuki, two Japanese traditional music performers who are active in traditional performing arts as accompaniment music for Kabuki and Nihon buyo (traditional Japanese dance). Using the traditional techniques of hogaku-bayashi, they have arranged songs familiar to everyone, such as Showa-era songs, Beatles songs, Queen songs, etc., as music that can be enjoyed with the charm of hayashi, and have been well received. Currently, in addition to performing live twice a year, she has frequently appeared on NHK's "Nippon no Geino" and is expanding her activities by appearing in the National Theatre of Japan's "Dance and Traditional Japanese Music for Tomorrow's Emerging Artists" in April 2019. Offical site■


  • fifth division of the night (approx. 1 am to 3 am)

  • intense love

  • vibration

  • Hungarian Dance No. 5

Please note that the performers and program may be subject to change due to circumstances.


  • Hideyuki Mochizuki

    traditional Japanese musician

  • Mochizuki Sattajuro

    traditional Japanese musician

  • Tomohiro Fukuhara

    Japanese music instruments and flutes

  • Fujishiro

    traditional Japanese music and dancing

  • Ijujiro Yoshimura

    nagauta shamisen

  • Seizan Ishigaki


  • Yutaka Kawarazaki


  • Anna Nomura


  • Hiroaki "chang-woo" Murase


Admission and ticket purchase

  • Admission fee

    General/3,000 yen
    Discount for Kanagawa Ward residents / 2,500 yen
    Children/1,000 yen

    All seats unreserved

    Children's price is for 4 years old to university students (student ID required).
    *Please note that no cancellations will be accepted after purchase.
    *Confirmation of ID required for ward resident discount

    Reservations can also be made via electronic ticket TIGET!

    Ticket payment must be made on the day of the event.
    *Receipt of tickets will end at 23:59 on January 5, 2024 (Fri.).

  • How to buy

    Call the Kanakku Hall Ticket Desk for reservations (045-440-1219)
    Please come directly to the ticket counter to purchase tickets.
    Closed on the 3rd Monday of each month (or the following Tuesday if the Monday is a national holiday)
    Year-end and New Year holidays: 12/29(Fri.)~2024.1/3(Wed.)

  • Admission of a preschool child

    Admission from 4 years old and up (ticket fee 1.000 yen)


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