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Wiener Waltz Orchestra

First Dream Ball of Song and Dance

2024/01/07(Su.) 14:00 Starting



New Year's Eve, the clock strikes ten at the Hofburg Palace in Vienna. It is the beginning of the "Le Grand Bal" (the Grand Ball)! Starting with this ball, numerous balls are held in the city of Vienna from the beginning of the year until early March. It is bitterly cold outside, but inside the palace, there is warm air and friendly smiles, smiles, and smiles again.
 And speaking of balls, there is a dress code. The men wear tails or tuxedos, and the women dress up in gorgeous ball gowns (ball gowns or long evening gowns). This is the standard for Vienna's famous balls. The music is, of course, Wiener Waltz, polkas, cadrilles, and marches by Johann Strauss II and other composers. The slightly formal and formal atmosphere is filled with the joy of welcoming the new year.
 The Wiener Waltz Orchestra will be back again this New Year's Eve, bringing with it the joys of the Viennese New Year. 23 years later, it is no exaggeration to say that this performance has become a "New Year's tradition".
 The orchestra, which continues to perform in Vienna, will be led by the renowned conductor Sandro Couturello, who loves to entertain the audience. He is an entertainer who loves to entertain the audience, but he does not compromise on the music he makes them listen to. He makes the music of the Strauss family and famous Viennese pieces resonate with lightness and brilliance. Then there are the four dancers who dance to the music. The dancers change costumes for each song, dance gracefully in the waltz, step rhythmically in the polka, and mesmerize the audience with their diverse performances. Of course, the beautiful voice of the soprano singer was also a must-see. The graceful yet charming singing is a special feature of this New Year's Concert. The final piece of the concert will be the "Radetzky March," which is a perfect way to start the New Year! A most enjoyable concert to see and hear, perfect for the start of the New Year. Let's clap your hands and join in the excitement!


  • call of spring

    Johann Strauss II

  • Tritch Tratch Polka

    Johann Strauss II

  • Tropical roses

    Johann Strauss II

  • Thunder and Lightning

    Johann Strauss II

  • Vienna, the city of my dreams

    Rudolf Zielczynski

  • The Blue Danube

    Johann Strauss II

  • Radetzky March

    Johann Strauss I.


  • Sandro Couturello


  • Wiener Waltz Orchestra

    orchestral music


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