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Carpe diem Philharmony

The 4th Regular Concert - 5th Anniversary Performance

2024/02/10(Sa.) 13:00 Starting

Muza Kawasaki Symphony HallKanagawa


 The 200th Anniversary of the First Performance of the Ninth
 All Beethoven program tracing the events leading up to the Ninth

The Carpe diem Philharmony is a musical organization that focuses on the performance of classical music, including vocal music.
Carpe diem" is a line from a poem by the ancient Roman poet Horatius. The name "Carpe diem" means to cherish "the day" and to make each activity meaningful, and the group was formed at the beginning of 2019 with a choir and orchestra, led by students who have a desire to "do music that can only be done here and now.

In order to sharpen the ensemble's fundamentals in its annual subscription concert, the choir tackles a wide range of orchestral works from the Baroque period to the Viennese Classical Period, as well as large-scale works that include vocal music.
In addition, the ensemble also holds the Carpe Festival, which focuses on various themes regardless of the period, and choral concerts, taking advantage of having both an orchestra and chorus, and applying the knowledge and techniques acquired in the classics to music from the Romantic period onward.

In commemoration of the 5th anniversary of the founding of the orchestra, we will be presenting works by L. v. Beethoven, including Choral Fantasy and Symphony No. 9. We hope you will enjoy this performance, which can only be heard here and now.

Composed by L. van Beethoven
Sigh of the Unloved and Affection WoO 118
  Tenor Kaedeya Kato
  Piano Hinako Yuki

 Consecration Song WoO 126
  Tenor Kaedeya Kato
  Piano Hinako Yuki

 Choral Fantasy in C minor, Op. 80
  Piano Yui Takahashi
  Soprano Naki Mishirokawa, Rie Usui
  Alto Suzune Ishida
  Tenor Toshinari Horikoshi, Kaedeya Kato
  Baritone Yoshio Yamaguchi

 Consecration Song, Op. 121b, 2nd draft
  Mezzo-soprano Rie Usui

 Symphony No. 9 in D minor, Op. 125
  Soprano Naki Mishirokawa
  Alto Suzune Ishida
  Tenor Toshinari Horikoshi
  Yoshio Yamaguchi, baritone


  • Sigh and Affection of the Unloved WoO 118

    L. v. Beethoven

  • Consecration Song WoO 126

    L. v. Beethoven

  • Fantasy for Piano, Chorus, and Orchestra in C minor, Op. 80

    L. v. Beethoven

  • Consecration, Op. 121b, 2nd draft.

    L. v. Beethoven

  • Symphony No. 9 in D minor, Op. 125

    L. v. Beethoven


  • Daiki Shimizu


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